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Welcome to the Original Cine Capri Theater

For over thirty years the Cine Capri Theater stood on the corner of 24th Street and Camelback Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

For those who grew up in Phoenix, the Cine Capri was where many had their first date, or where they stood in line for hours to see such blockbuster hits as Star Wars. It was certainly that for me, but it was also a whole lot more. It was, literally, a part of my family. My father was W.E. “Bill” Homes, Jr, and our family business, Homes & Son Construction Company, Inc., built the theater.

Years later, as my father was dying of cancer, the local media was abuzz with the news of another developer’s plans to demolish the Cine Capri to make room for an office building. Dad and I talked about it, and even though he tried to downplay it, I knew the loss of this iconic theater was breaking his heart. But he also thought that perhaps someday the Cine Capri would be built again.

As fate would have it, my father passed away a few months before the original Cine Capri’s demolition, and I soon found myself as the keeper of the Cine Capri flame. Over the years I have spent a great deal of my time and energy to that end. So, to mark the twentieth year of my father’s passing, I’ve created this website to tell the story of a unique and special Valley landmark, and my own journey of keeping my father’s legacy alive.

Gayle Homes Martin, May, 2017